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Elafonisos is opposite the eastern leg of Peloponnese, right next to the island of Kythera. It is only 320 km from Athens and offers a unique combination of holiday activities in a beautiful setting. Elafonisos is famous for Simos and Panagia beaches, where the waters are crystal clear and calmly blue. Elafonisos boasts a great culinary scene and night life. Seafood is always fresh from the sea and there are many famous tavernas on our island.


Simos Beach and Panagia islands in Elafonisos


Simos, with its 12 km of breathtaking coastline has been voted as one the top 20 beaches in Europe.


The beautiful beach of Panagia Islands is right next to it and is fully organized, ready to welcome our islands visitors for a swim in its azure blue waters.


Elafoniso’s cuisine flavors

Gastronomic pleasures from local, always fresh fish, from our blue waters, await you to enjoy them in the taverns of our island.


Elafonisos by Night

As night approaches, the nightlife of Elafonisos comes to overcome the needs of every excursionist.

You have to see in Elafonisos


Pavlopetri is a small island opposite Elafonisos, in Lakonia. It is an archaeological interest site with artefacts of civilization going back thousands of years. Between the island and the mainland there is an ancient submerged city, a few meters below surface, dating back 5000 years. If you are interested in seeing it up close, there are organized tours from Elafonisos.

Natura 2000

Elafonisos is a special conservation area area of the Natura 2000 network (GR2540002 – EC Directive 92/43/EEC of 21st May 1992). This helps protect its indigenous flaura and fauna and the natural habitats and biodiversity.


Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon is the patron Saint of Elafonisos and its people. The church of St. Spyridon is in the entrance of the port, on an islet full of cade trees. The church was built in 1858, alongside the first village of the island by the first people to live here in modern times and was renovated in 1862.

Panagia Katonisiotisa

Panagia Katonisiotisa (Virgin Mary of the Lower Island) has given her name to the beautiful beach of Kato Nisi and the little islands that surround it. The church was built on a hill around 1895 and according to local legend, on the ruins of an old byzantine church. Stone and materials from the old temple were used and inside the church you can still admire the byzantine iconography. Around the church there are Mycenaean artefacts (graves and other findings) and it is claimed that the site was a temple for Athena during ancient times.

Feast of the Fishermen

The traditional celebration of the historical Fishermens’ Club in Elafonisos takes place the last 2 weeks of August, at the central square of Elafonisos port. The fishermen invite the visitors and locals to visit the beautiful Lafonisi, especially for the feast. There is live music and traditional dancing, plenty of good wine and fresh fish, all provided by the local fishermen. There are often exhibitions to showcase the island’s naval and fisheries tradition. The feast always lasts till the early hours of the morning and is one of the most important social and cultural events of Elafonisos and the wider Peloponese. There is always representation from local and national officials who celebrate the islands large fishing industry and tradition.


Ferry Boats Pounta – Elafonisos

Please ask us about the ferry boat itineraries and transport options for the island. We would love to help you plan your holidays and make the most of your time here. You can find the ferry boat schedule here.


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